Well another day in America. Can we stay free today?? What sneaky thing might the president do to undermine us, to give our land to a foreign nation. Make us muslim instead of Christian. Let people elected swear in on the koran instead of the Holy Bible the way it has been done here since the beginning. If we are going to make it here we need to follow the Bible plan. Humble ourselves, ask the Lord for forgiveness and turn from our wicked ways. The Bible says if we do those things God WILL heal our land. We NEED some healing for our land.
We need to be in prayer for our nation too! We ALL need to go out and vote when the time comes. Do not assume that others will do it and your vote doesn’t matter. They would like you to think that, but don’t do it. I surely hope we end up with a strong candidate,one that can beat obama hands down.
We need to fight for the land we love. The blood of all our soldiers will be in vain otherwise. They didn’t fight so we could quit here at home.
Have a blessed day and remember, pray for America and be her defender today.