Everyday I become more and more astounded!! What do you think the founding fathers would have said if you told them to check with England first before doing anything so as not to offend them. They would have charged you as a traitor. And they would be right. Then why in the world are those big wigs in Washington still in power?  I do not understand why are still letting this happen. One man may have a difficult time changing things but, alot of people can do it. It maybe uncomfortable, but the men who serve our country in the military are not comfortable. They leave their families,some lose their lives and never see their new babies. Look at the  sacrifice they make for us and they don’t know us, yet they die for us!!  Don’t you think we ought to care about the way things are here??  Some go around like it is no big deal whoever gets elected oh well they are elected!  Do you ever notice those seem to be the people that cry the loudest??  I pray with everything that is in me that we get this land back on track. I believe that it can be done. But we all NEED to pull together, we need to be neighbors to each other, we need to be friends to each other. We have lost part of ourselves and we need to get it back. We are Americans, the greatest people on the planet. People die trying to get here. Then we have some who are here that just don’t care. We NEED to get our pride back, we are Americans!!!!!!!!  There is nothing better than that except when we get to heaven and are citizens of heaven. Until then there is nothing better this side of heaven. NOTHING!!!!   I love this land and I would die for her. She is the greatest!!!!   Her people are the best, too!!!!!!

Please pray for her. Please stand for her. Please love her like there is no other, because there is not!!!