I’m so tired of hearing how peaceful islam is, usually right after reading a story about someone being killed for upsetting the muslim community with art work. Do you know how many times people disgusting pictures of Jesus Christ up . Oh, lets see they put Him in urine, dung to name a couple. What do you think the peaceful muslim people would have done if that was a picture of mohammed??? Well, all I know is the peaceful would have gotten rowdy and some folks would have died or would have been told to watch there back cause someone was out to get them. That’s what I don’t understand!!!!! When Jesus Christ is the one True God and they do horrible things to Him and His followers never hurt anyone. So who is really the peaceful religion???? I don’t hate anyone, but I do wish that the people that feel this way about America would go back to the land they come from.
Another thing that gets under my skin is the fact that we have to pass laws like this…. American laws for American courts!!!!! Now that sounds really supid, you would think that would be a given but no not as long as crazies live here. Ones who are trying to take over our country. Can you imagine going to Turkey or Saudi Arabia, or Iran, and demanding that they use our laws in our courts. Well, it would not even be considered. Yet once again the crazies in Washington are trying to destroy this country. Can you imagine how our service men and women feel when they hear that the commander and cheif is handing over their tax dollars to the enemy!!!!!! Would that feel defeating or what??? Then our AG that’s a whole other story. We need to be vigilant and watch out for our beloved America and fight to keep her free and safe from those who live in the peoples house. God Bless all. Till we talk again, pray to the good Lord Jesus and watch out for our beloved America!!!!!!!! God Bless All