Wow!!!  What a world we live in. It’s time to get off the fence and take a stand for what we believe!!!!!!   Far too long we sit on the fence and say oh, that is horrible,but never do more than talk or discuss with each other. We never move!!!  We need to do what we say, not just talk about it. We must support each other, united we stand, but devided we fall.  That is true. They can conquer us if we are scattered and all going a different way. If we stay together we make a strong chain. It takes strength, do you have it????  It takes courage, are you up to the challenge??  Do you love America?? Do you believe that God has given us this land and blessed us???  We NEED to speak out against those like the Philadelphia doctor that killed so many babies. The Bible says that their blood cries out to Him for justice!!!!  He will deliver justice, what side do you want to be on???  The side of God or the side of the doctor???  Please don’t be dead inside, please don’t let the greatest nation on earth slip away because you did nothing but sit and watch her slip away.  Please find a way to take a stand today and whatever you do please pray to God to bring this great land back to life, the life of the nation that once praised Him. Let Him be our guide once again. God Bless you all. Remember freedom today and the One who gives freedom!!