Where are all the people who care about America and what she stands for???   If someone says something about Saudi Arabia, or anywhere in the middle east you will have people up in arms. Even the media!  They are at the ready telling you that you are not tolerant of that country or those people. Why do they not have to be tolerant of us??? Why is it us who does the changing???  You go to the store and look at the boxes on the shelf. What language do you see??  You have to turn it around to get it in English. Please tell me what country you can go to and find that rearranged everything for you.   There is no place on earth like America!!!!  People come here because of it,yet they want to change it. Does that make sense to you??  Not to me. I guess it gets to the heart of people, they are selfish. It’s ok if it’s for them but then change it so no one else gets.  I wish I could turn back the hands of time. I wish I could defend my land before it got to the point it is at now. I fear for her. I just pray that those who love the Lord will fall on their knees and ask God for help and guidance. I heard something yesterday that  shocked me, 41 percent of all pregnancies in New York end in abortion!!!!!!   41 percent. The blood of those  innocent babies are crying out to God for justice. We need to right the wrongs in this land and start living for Jesus Christ again. If we don’t it will be bad. Then another state has allowed homosexual marriage. Do you know why Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed???   Do you think God will spare America????  Well, He will not. We must start doing what is right, ask for forgiveness. And those of us who do not have abortions are guilty too, we are not trying to stop it. We just shut our mouth and “mind our own business” . We can’t of course stop someone physically but there are other ways and we just don’t want to  be bothered!!  That is the real truth. As long as we are doing ok, we just don’t care.  My heart hurts for my beloved America!!!!!!!!!