Does Anyone Care??

Where are all the people who care about America and what she stands for???   If someone says something about Saudi Arabia, or anywhere in the middle east you will have people up in arms. Even the media!  They are at the ready telling you that you are not tolerant of that country or those people. Why do they not have to be tolerant of us??? Why is it us who does the changing???  You go to the store and look at the boxes on the shelf. What language do you see??  You have to turn it around to get it in English. Please tell me what country you can go to and find that rearranged everything for you.   There is no place on earth like America!!!!  People come here because of it,yet they want to change it. Does that make sense to you??  Not to me. I guess it gets to the heart of people, they are selfish. It’s ok if it’s for them but then change it so no one else gets.  I wish I could turn back the hands of time. I wish I could defend my land before it got to the point it is at now. I fear for her. I just pray that those who love the Lord will fall on their knees and ask God for help and guidance. I heard something yesterday that  shocked me, 41 percent of all pregnancies in New York end in abortion!!!!!!   41 percent. The blood of those  innocent babies are crying out to God for justice. We need to right the wrongs in this land and start living for Jesus Christ again. If we don’t it will be bad. Then another state has allowed homosexual marriage. Do you know why Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed???   Do you think God will spare America????  Well, He will not. We must start doing what is right, ask for forgiveness. And those of us who do not have abortions are guilty too, we are not trying to stop it. We just shut our mouth and “mind our own business” . We can’t of course stop someone physically but there are other ways and we just don’t want to  be bothered!!  That is the real truth. As long as we are doing ok, we just don’t care.  My heart hurts for my beloved America!!!!!!!!!


Time to take a stand

Wow!!!  What a world we live in. It’s time to get off the fence and take a stand for what we believe!!!!!!   Far too long we sit on the fence and say oh, that is horrible,but never do more than talk or discuss with each other. We never move!!!  We need to do what we say, not just talk about it. We must support each other, united we stand, but devided we fall.  That is true. They can conquer us if we are scattered and all going a different way. If we stay together we make a strong chain. It takes strength, do you have it????  It takes courage, are you up to the challenge??  Do you love America?? Do you believe that God has given us this land and blessed us???  We NEED to speak out against those like the Philadelphia doctor that killed so many babies. The Bible says that their blood cries out to Him for justice!!!!  He will deliver justice, what side do you want to be on???  The side of God or the side of the doctor???  Please don’t be dead inside, please don’t let the greatest nation on earth slip away because you did nothing but sit and watch her slip away.  Please find a way to take a stand today and whatever you do please pray to God to bring this great land back to life, the life of the nation that once praised Him. Let Him be our guide once again. God Bless you all. Remember freedom today and the One who gives freedom!!

So Frustrated, anyone else??

I’m so tired of hearing how peaceful islam is, usually right after reading a story about someone being killed for upsetting the muslim community with art work. Do you know how many times people disgusting pictures of Jesus Christ up . Oh, lets see they put Him in urine, dung to name a couple. What do you think the peaceful muslim people would have done if that was a picture of mohammed??? Well, all I know is the peaceful would have gotten rowdy and some folks would have died or would have been told to watch there back cause someone was out to get them. That’s what I don’t understand!!!!! When Jesus Christ is the one True God and they do horrible things to Him and His followers never hurt anyone. So who is really the peaceful religion???? I don’t hate anyone, but I do wish that the people that feel this way about America would go back to the land they come from.
Another thing that gets under my skin is the fact that we have to pass laws like this…. American laws for American courts!!!!! Now that sounds really supid, you would think that would be a given but no not as long as crazies live here. Ones who are trying to take over our country. Can you imagine going to Turkey or Saudi Arabia, or Iran, and demanding that they use our laws in our courts. Well, it would not even be considered. Yet once again the crazies in Washington are trying to destroy this country. Can you imagine how our service men and women feel when they hear that the commander and cheif is handing over their tax dollars to the enemy!!!!!! Would that feel defeating or what??? Then our AG that’s a whole other story. We need to be vigilant and watch out for our beloved America and fight to keep her free and safe from those who live in the peoples house. God Bless all. Till we talk again, pray to the good Lord Jesus and watch out for our beloved America!!!!!!!! God Bless All

Land Of The Free?

Everyday I become more and more astounded!! What do you think the founding fathers would have said if you told them to check with England first before doing anything so as not to offend them. They would have charged you as a traitor. And they would be right. Then why in the world are those big wigs in Washington still in power?  I do not understand why are still letting this happen. One man may have a difficult time changing things but, alot of people can do it. It maybe uncomfortable, but the men who serve our country in the military are not comfortable. They leave their families,some lose their lives and never see their new babies. Look at the  sacrifice they make for us and they don’t know us, yet they die for us!!  Don’t you think we ought to care about the way things are here??  Some go around like it is no big deal whoever gets elected oh well they are elected!  Do you ever notice those seem to be the people that cry the loudest??  I pray with everything that is in me that we get this land back on track. I believe that it can be done. But we all NEED to pull together, we need to be neighbors to each other, we need to be friends to each other. We have lost part of ourselves and we need to get it back. We are Americans, the greatest people on the planet. People die trying to get here. Then we have some who are here that just don’t care. We NEED to get our pride back, we are Americans!!!!!!!!  There is nothing better than that except when we get to heaven and are citizens of heaven. Until then there is nothing better this side of heaven. NOTHING!!!!   I love this land and I would die for her. She is the greatest!!!!   Her people are the best, too!!!!!!

Please pray for her. Please stand for her. Please love her like there is no other, because there is not!!!

America a Christian Nation??

Well another day in America. Can we stay free today?? What sneaky thing might the president do to undermine us, to give our land to a foreign nation. Make us muslim instead of Christian. Let people elected swear in on the koran instead of the Holy Bible the way it has been done here since the beginning. If we are going to make it here we need to follow the Bible plan. Humble ourselves, ask the Lord for forgiveness and turn from our wicked ways. The Bible says if we do those things God WILL heal our land. We NEED some healing for our land.
We need to be in prayer for our nation too! We ALL need to go out and vote when the time comes. Do not assume that others will do it and your vote doesn’t matter. They would like you to think that, but don’t do it. I surely hope we end up with a strong candidate,one that can beat obama hands down.
We need to fight for the land we love. The blood of all our soldiers will be in vain otherwise. They didn’t fight so we could quit here at home.
Have a blessed day and remember, pray for America and be her defender today.

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